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Founded in 2015, Seginus Farms is one of few New Farms in America that is  focused and dedicated to  providing  edible  insects and sustainable super foods to a growing market. Due to the fact that the world’s Food Production and Agricultural needs are rapidly changing. We here at Seginus Farms decided it was time to do something new and exciting to help meet these changing demands on our planet. So we have stepped up to the challenge of changing consumer ideas of how we eat, what we eat, how we produce it and what is healthy for us.  Seginus Farms are working to provide the world’s most sustainable super foods in form if insects(crickets) and plant based products development.


About Us

Founded in 2015, Seginus Farms is the first urban cricket farm in Florida devoted exclusively to raising human-grade entomological products.

Our pilot facility is the first edible insect farm located in sunny Margate, Florida, and a larger facility is being built in Clewiston Florida Farm Land.

Hello!. My name is Joseph Skipper of Seginus Farms, LLC and we are in process of opening our 1st edible Insect/cricket Farm in Margate, Florida. I am really excited about this process of building a new business and bringing Crickets and other edible insects to the Market. I will be starting off with crickets and meal worms as we grow as a farm. We plan to farm and offer other edible insects as well. We have 656 sq ft warehouse space that we have converted to a small farm that can probably produce about 500,000 crickets (still calculating). We spent our 1st year farming and experimenting out of my garage untill we felt comfortable moving into a space and presenting our passion to others. In 2016 we are looking to expand our edible insect market and thrive as a leader in Offering The Worlds Most Sustainable Food Products.

 My Story

The Story of Joseph Skipper starts  on a farm in Southwest Virginia. My grandfather raised and sold rabbits, hogs, and chicken eggs when I was a child on his Farm. I lived there until I was 7 years-old and then we moved to the city. The farm life never left me though and the passion to do and create new and exciting things in agricultural field is incredible. This is definitely something I can build and grow until I am a very old man because I am not planning to retiring any time soon, if at all.

I am a former science teacher, girls basketball and football coach turned into entrepreneur. I currently live in South Florida, but I was born and raised around Roanoke, Virginia. I am father of 3 and I enjoyed being a Teacher and Coach. I stopped teaching because the principal at that time called me out of class during instruction and fusses at me about getting coffee and said to me that he was “trying to run a business here.”  This statement made me rethink what I was here for as a teacher?  I became a teacher so I could change the world, educate our children, set a good education standards and Win some Basketball Games. Not because i wanted to help another man run his business. So from that day forth I decided to ” Run My Own Business Here”  I still coach my oldest son’s youth teams so he can experience the great teacher and coach that I am first hand.

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Probably one of the best brownies I have ever had out of a package... DAMN! @SeginusFarms I was not expecting that brownie to be that tasty! Thank you! :)
— Sonny Lopez, Athlete
Tried a few of Joseph’s products @YGFarmersMarket!!! Old Bay crickets were the bomb! the brownies and power shake were surprisingly good!!! COOL and Healthy stuff here!!! Get ‘n me some bugs!!!!
— Alan Montgomery

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