Amazin Moringa Cricket Power Mix!!!


If you are one of those who think, “I will never eat or even try a cricket in my life,” well let me tell you that you are missing a big, and helpful benefit that this little thing can bring you to your everyday meal basics.

Yes, actually I was one of those who used to think like that, and I thought on writing this little post to change your mind and switch to crickets as part of everyday meal; however, you may be thinking, “how will I be able to do this?” and the best way to start this new life style is using the Moringa Cricket Powder Mix.

This is just like preparing a regular milk shake or a protein shake, but changing that protein for the Moringa Cricket Powder Mix, and keeping the rest of your favorite fruits, I did it, and believe me you won’t feel the difference!

Moringa Cricket Powder Mix is the best thing you can have as a protein daily drink, and actually you can use it in everything. First, the moringa has infinite benefits, which I will explain deeply in the next post, and the crickets, if you read the prior post, you will know that they contain vitamin B, more potassium than a banana, iron, and much more. So, the mix of these two supplements makes a really super and complete food that you should not give it a second thought and try it!. Believe me, I won’t let you down, it will change your life for much better like mine. You have to taste it!