The World is changing and so do we. Eat Crickets!

Have you ever wonder what is like to eat crickets, and how they taste like? If you are one of those people that never tried a cricket before, you may have asked these questions to yourself before.

Here is why you should eat crickets:

  1. Crickets have been eaten for centuries around the world, so this it is not something new or weird.
  2. Crickets are a whole food.
  3. They don’t need a lot of resources, and certainly emit much less greenhouse gases than cows.
  4. They are a low calorie source of protein.
  5. Crickets are truly a complete protein for our body.
  6. Has more iron than spinach
  7. Contains the B vitamins including B12, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid.
  8. They deliver many minerals like phosphorous, zinc, selenium and iodine.
  9. Crickets are a good source of omega-3.
  10. More potassium than bananas.
  11. Crickets are a non-dairy source of calcium.
  12. Unlike common animal foods in the standard Western diet, crickets provide dietary fiber.
  13. Crickets are the ultimate paleo food and contain only 5 grams of carbohydrate per 100 grams.
  14. Cricket protein powder is becoming popular amongst body-builders as an alternative to highly processed whey protein isolate.
  15. They are really good for your health.

Having all these important facts, you should add the crickets on your meals, beside you will have fun you knowing how other cultures cook and eat crickets, you can’t even imagine how many things you can do with this amazing and nutritious insects.

Seginus Farms is the first urban farm in Florida and we are devoted to raised edible crickets for human consumption. For us it is very important to let people know that the world is changing, and we need to keep our evolution just as any other animal living is doing.

We want to create global awareness, and help to change the way the food is being processed by just adding this incredible little insect to our life capable of maintaining a healthy life style with its nutrition, and vitamins. Most people may not know how much protein crickets have and it is comparable to chicken, beef, fish and pork. So, why not included in our everyday meal?