F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of crickets does Seginus Farms grow?

The crickets that we raise at Seginus Farms are Gryllodes sigillatus, a.k.a., the Tropical Banded Cricket. Tropical banded crickets are slightly smaller than European house crickets, and possess a nearly identical nutritional profile. Plus, they have a very fashionable brown stripe across their back.

For the long version of the nutritional value of crickets check out this research from UW Madison on the Protein Quality of the House Cricket And here’s the FAO’s perspective on the Nutritional value of insects for human consumption.

What do Seginus Farms crickets eat?

Seginus Farms crickets are grown using exclusively high quality, organic and sustainable feed.

Where are Seginus Farms crickets grown?

Our crickets are raised in 1,000 sqft warehouse in sunny Margate, Florida